“I can’t tell you how much I owe to you. You helped me so, so much through my grieving. I really do feel I have moved on into a better & more stable place. Being able to simply come and cry and have you help me to understand  what was happening was so great. I wish everyone could have this opportunity. Thankyou for your expertise and thankyou for YOU!” Julie

“My sessions with Eleanor helped me and more importantly allowed me to address personal upsets and issues which were overflowing and affecting the way I performed on a daily basis both at work and at home.I was able to talk openly in a safe environment and was given guidance on how to understand my emotions, feelings and behaviour.  I do still get low moments but I find I am able to understand and manage these times much better.  I have taken positive steps in both my personal and work life and no longer feel like I am on a downward spiral but more on a journey of recovery. I saw Eleanor for just a few months; however, I found it very beneficial.  She got down to the grass roots of my issues then sowed the seeds of recovery, teaching me how help myself not only at that moment in time but also in the future.” Annette

Our work together has been incredibly enlightening and supportive for me.I have been empowered and encouraged to address some deep seated issues relating to previous ‘disappointments’ and faced some current difficulties, namely marital problems and alcohol dependency.Eleanor has directed and supported without ever judging or instilling guilt – particularly about my drinking. I have recognised strategies to manage these issues myself. The benefits to me have also been demonstrated to my wife and this has encouraged her to recognise the value of counselling, and we are now having relationship counselling together. This is thanks to Eleanor.” Adam

“I am sure that I would not have made the progress and decisions about my future that I have without having had these sessions with Eleanor”. Jim

“In all my dealings with her, Eleanor has shown herself to be scrupulously professional, with a clear understanding of her boundaries.  She is entirely discreet and has the trust and confidence of all who work with her.

Eleanor has been involved in providing advice on disciplinary matters and has demonstrated courtesy, fairness and a practical approach to making difficult decisions which impinge on individuals.  In formulating her advice she has shown an ability to listen and take account of the views of a wide number of people and has delivered her advice eloquently but impartially.I have a great personal respect for Eleanor and would consider her a most suitable person to assist in maintaining high professional standards amongst her peers… I would recommend her to you without reservation.” Hugh – Senior Clinical Manager NHS

“I have known Eleanor in a professional capacity for over 9 years; evident from the outset has been her extensive theoretical knowledge, together with her lively intellectual interests, alongside the broad clinical experience she brings from her work in various settings. Outside her evident competence at handling a huge spectrum of work has been her keen professionalism, where she applies an acute ethical mindfulness to all aspects of client wellbeing.  What stands out above all else is the critical seriousness she applies to all her activities. She is a lively, engaging and above all challenging individual whom I sincerely believe will inspire trust and confidence in all those referred to her.” Anthony – Director of a County-wide counselling, psychotherapy and supervision service