First session:

A non-refundable fee of £75 is charged in order to secure and book your first session. A session will not be confirmed unless this is paid in advance. Please telephone 01386 550136 to arrange for this payment to be made.

Individual counselling and psychotherapy:

Counselling and therapy work best if weekly sessions are held. These ideally are the same day and time, so that you experience consistency and (positively) that it is your time and belongs absolutely to you. I would never allocate your dedicated time to anyone else, therefore all missed sessions are paid for in full. I am unable at the present time to negotiate any further on my fees.

I work to a 44 week year with sessions not offered advised in advance for 18 months. Sometimes, a retainer (half the fee) can be charged if you give me enough notice of absence.

In every agreement, at least 1 month’s notice is required for termination and ideally this is a mutually agreed and discussed decision.

Fees are 0.2% of your annual HOUSEHOLD income; for example, if this is £100,000, you would pay £200 per session. If this is £17,500, £35 per session….and so on.

This is an attempt to make the work affordable in relation to your circumstances and manageable for everyone, whatever their financial situation. I believe that everyone should have access to counselling or therapy whatever their circumstances.

Couple Counselling/Psychotherapy:

£ 150 per one and a half hour session

Individual supervision       £70 per hour -£ 105 per 1.5 formal professional requirements – BACP, UKCP, BAPPS, IPA, BPC, BPS

Group analytic supervision                                 £180 per hour + travel expenses (50p per mile)


£ 85 per session (Occupational Health, EAPs, Insurance and Healthcare packages (BUPA, Aviva individually registered practitioner) Staff support, mediation, etc.)

TEACHING AND TRAINING                                 £ negotiable based on days/half day workshops or hourly rate